Vladimir Bovt
A selection of artists that come together for collaborative conceptual and performative jamming, rehearsing, creating and touring.
De Kunstband
De Kunstband is a collaboration between Helen Arushanjan, Roman Nieuweboer and Vladimir Bovt. It was active from 2018 until 2020.

The name of De Kunstband is derived from the words ‘kunst’ (art) and ‘band’. We are a band because we appropriate the language of a musical band (band, jamming, release party) when presenting ourselves to the outside world. Since none of us plays musical instruments, we use ourselves, our bodies, and our personalities as instruments. Like musical bands, we come together for jam sessions. Our jam sessions are often playful in which we try to make work based on how we relate to each other and the space that we’re in. The works of De Kunstband are done in performance, video, photography and text.

The band has no hierarchy and we take our creative decisions together. We make as we do without a final director. As individuals, the three of us take an equal amount of authorship for all the works that we make and present as De Kunstband, also for works where one of us does not take part in.
De Kunstband