Vladimir Bovt
De Kunstband
13.30-14.10 uur
When I started it was hard to feel permission to just be there. I was
nervous. After a while I relaxed and made contact with the pedestrians.
I waited for them to greet me, I felt vulnerable and not in ease
I became more active in greeting them.
I tried to feel aware and be in the middle of greeting and be greeted.
Younger people and especially children felt more open towards me.
After a while I felt an inner permission to take my space and that was
enjoyable. Many people greeted me, that was remarkable for me.This
was a very interesting experience for me, as a gestalt therapist.
People looked at me, almost everyone passing bij made eye contact. As
time passed by it almost seemed as if there was an increase in
connection - all of it was non verbally. I made eye contact when I felt like
doing so (which was a lot), many people smiled and had an open
(curious?) Gaze towards me. It’s a beautiful thing how contact with
strangers can bring up so many feelings - I felt warmer and had
butterflies in my stomach sometimes. When I walked back a man in the
street smiled at me and greeted me enthusiastic.
Script by me, execution and documentation by other performers during the 2nd Nieuwstraat Festival, an Unnoticed Performance Festival in Dordrecht, in June 2021